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Record Series - 117

This is the list of the Record Series volumes and their contents

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TitleMiscellany No 10
Contents NumberContents
2Newark Census 1811
3Newark Census 1811 - Additional Information Note
4Beeston Executions 1832
5Kegworth John Charlton's Will 1711
6Newark Union Guardians and Overseers 1864
7Kinoulton Census 1851
8Hucknall Torkard Contributors for the Defence of the England 1798
9Newark Aldermen 1549 - 1625
10Newark Mayors 1626 - 1997
11Edwalton Absence from Benefice 1861
12Mansfield Woodhouse Apprentice 1810
13Edwalton Settlement Examination 1809
14Edwalton Marriage Certificate 1742
15Edwalton Bill 1775
16Edwalton Receipts 1774
17Worksop Bastardy Orders 1809
18Worksop Bastardy Orders 1822
19Worksop Bastardy Orders 1823
20Index of Surnames